Erika Ustailieva

Let me introduce myself

My name is Erika Ustailieva and I am an International Business Developer and Consultant at Cosanta B.V. Previously, I worked for ETML-TU, RoyalHaskoningDHV and TNO as a consultant and researcher on sustainability, environmental and waste management, occupational safety and health ( OSH) and hazardous substances management. I hold master degrees in Environmental Engineering (University of Forestry, Bulgaria) and Environmental Sciences and International Environmental Policy (Wageningen University, The Netherlands). I am involved in the international development of Stoffenmanager® since 2009 as it was one of my projects at TNO. 

My current work at Cosanta is on the interface of business development, OSH management, sustainability, innovation and regulatory. My background helps me to see the ‘bigger picture’ and to understand the needs of different type of organisations. I am good at building a bridge between the demands of the customers and the knowledge and skills of the technical experts. What fascinates me in my job is the opportunity to build relationships with a diversity of stakeholders, the challenges of defining an implementation strategy for each country we operate in, and the work with remote international teams. I like the flexibility, the enthusiasm and the cooperation within our core team in Amstelveen.

Outside of the office hours I can often be found on a boat on the canals of Amsterdam, supping or canoeing on a lake or relaxing on the beach. I like to explore new things and I just started with kitesurfing. I am interested in healthy eating and personal development. My passions are travelling, sports and chilling. I have a natural curiosity about new people, countries and cultures.