Henri Heussen

Let me introduce myself

My name is Henri Heussen and I’m technical director (CTO) at Cosanta BV. I got my doctorate in toxicology and after six years of scientific research I wanted to move into the practical world. My previous employer, Arbo Unie, took me on as an occupational hygienist/toxicologist and that really appealed to me. Translating research into the practical application of knowledge is something that has always excited me: I love bridging these two worlds. From the very beginning I have been involved in the development and implementation of Stoffenmanager®. I would never have thought back then that we would now have nearly 30,000 users at home and abroad.

What makes my role at Cosanta so enjoyable? The list is long …. short lines, fast decisions, decisive, critical and enthusiastic team, collaborating with prominent partners, innovation, evaluation interviews and studies for customers, giving training, presentations at conferences, and so much more!

All that work indoors, where at my desk or not, is a spur for me to seek, apart from volleyball, the outdoor life. Cycling on my racing bike or ATB, heading for the countryside, bird-watching and photography, (long-haul) travel. Binoculars always accompany me on holiday. Birds fly everywhere, so there’s always something to see!