Koen Verbist

Let me introduce myself

My name is Koen Verbist and I am senior consultant at Cosanta BV. Before this I worked for a number of years at Arbo Unie as an occupational hygienist, where I helped many companies assess the risks of working with hazardous substances. Like performing measurements or supervising them in the case of REACH legislation. At Arbo Unie I also became part of the Stoffenmanager® consortium directly and contributed to the development of new functionalities. Giving Stoffenmanager®  training also began at that time.

And I’m still doing that today! And really enjoying it. Within Cosanta I develop and give training. I help companies implement Stoffenmanager®. I keep the manual up to date, man the helpdesk, visit customers and test new functionalities before they become available in the tool. The work is varied and no single day is the same. I like that a lot.

After a number of years on my racing bike, I got off and began running this year. It’s very enjoyable (most of the time) and I can combine it with indoor soccer, which I do in the winter months. I also enjoy a special (Belgian) beer now and then, which I check in to the beer app, of course. But I am also happy to relax on the couch and watch a Netflix series.