Stoffenmanager® and the Reach Guidance R14

Stoffenmanager® is one of the exposure models that can be used under the REACH regulation to assess exposure via inhalation to hazardous substances. Stoffenmanager® can be used to estimate exposure. Subsequently, the estimates can be included in the so-called Exposure Scenarios (ES) that describe the operational conditions and risk management measures to ensure risk control. The ES is enclosed as annex to the safety data sheet.

The R.14 Guidance ‘Occupational Exposure Assessment’ describes how exposure to hazardous substances can be assessed. An important element of this assessment is the use of exposure models, like Stoffenmanager®, to estimate exposure. The R.14 Guidance has recently been updated. This is necessary because these exposure models are not static but under constant development. It is also important to inform users about the situations for which the models can be applied. The latest version of the document can be found here.